Vacuum therapy

There are many ways in which to stimulate the body’s surface in order to start the healing process. Our reason for using vacuum therapy is that this particular method has proven to give the best results.

We make use of special-made glass cups connected to a vacuum pump. By using vacuum treatment on the skin, the circulation to the areas in question is affected, thus allowing for a correction of the body’s imbalance.
The treatment also affects the internal body. Some patients find the treatment to be somewhat unpleasant; however, it is short-lived and totally harmless. Moreover, the treatment has no side effects. Most patients notice an improvement after only approx. five or six treatments.
The need for further treatment varies with every individual, depending, among other things, on how long the affliction has lasted. Acute conditions normally do not require many treatments. If you have suffered from symptoms over a longer period of time, however, it will naturally take a little longer to get well.