According to the VitaGeo theory, the body’s surface, i.e. the skin, is a reflection of the condition of the internal body. We use a thermograph, which is a digital thermal imaging camera, in order to produce images that show each individual patient’s unique image.

This image allows us to see, among other things, obstructions and areas in the body where blood circulation is poor. In healthy people, these images are symmetrical, whereas in people with various afflictions, the images indicate asymmetry. After only a few treatments, the images usually show a more even symmetry. This is an indication that the treatment affects the blood flow and corrects the body’s flow of information, allowing the body to heal itself more easily.

Thermography is totally harmless and has no side effects. This examination method also makes it possible to see how the organism works in its entirety, as opposed to a number of other diagnostic methods.

Before treatment
After treatment